Prayers and Devotions

“O Eternal Father, I come to you Through the Heart of my Jesus who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Through this divine Heart, I adore you for those who do not adore you; I love you for those who do not love you; I gratefully acknowledge you to be my God.”

Prayer of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

“Let us learn…to contemplate the Heart of Christ, a Heart broken, but unyielding in Hope.”

Prayer by Maria Cecilia Amarante, RSCJ, a devoted of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

“When we are asked to be bold and courageous, You are our inspiration.  When our imaginations dream and see beyond the limits of our sight, You are our hope.  When we fail to meet a challenge, and need to accept our limitations, You are our model.  When we pray with the desire for deep union with God, You are our Saint.  And with your blessing, to the greater glory of God, we seek to be loving people who live and serve others with your same purpose, vision, and quiet humility.  Amen.”

A Prayer of Dedication to Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne – Kim King, RSCJ

“You may dazzle the mind with a thousand brilliant discoveries of natural science; you may open new worlds of knowledge which were never dreamed of before; yet, if you have not developed in the soul of the pupil strong habits of virtue which will sustain him in the struggle of life, you have not educated him, but only put in his hand a powerful instrument of self-destruction.”

“Gracious God, you filled the heart of Philippine Duchesne with charity and missionary zeal, and gave her the desire to make you known to all peoples. Fill us who honor her memory today with that same love and zeal, and extend your kingdom to the ends of the earth.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.”

From A Catholic Prayer Book  “The Woman Who Prays Always”